International Political and Military Alternatives

International Political and Military Alternatives
A Military Alternative To Preventive War
The USA could urge NATO to take aggressive measures towards North Korea without actually waging
War on that nation. These measures would include the closing of all of Korea’s borders and ports allowing the passage after due inspection of only food and medicine. An informative campaign, in English, of speeches and filmed evidence transmitted by satellite and diffused by the international press would explain these actions.
Such a spectacular ang strong initiative, maintained for the short time necessary to obtain desired results, and put in act after NATO had issued a credible ultimatum, could possibly convince North Korea to dismantle their missile ramps and the production of atomic energy for military purposes.
The total closing of the borders could be accomplished by placing military units at all frontier crossings and the presence of NATO battle battleshipd in the Korean ports. Peculiar to this type of war is that it is carried out without combat and does not caused victims or destruction and therefore should obtain the concensus of all pacifists organizations and the support af all nations that do not accept to be threatened by be given a reasonable time in which to dismantle their missile ram nuclear weapons.
As blocking the frontier would be costly, North Korea should be given a reasonable time in which to dismantle their missile ramps and nuclear production sites.
What would happen is what happened in the 60’s when the USSR attempted to place missile sites on Cuba.Against the advice of his generals, who wanted to fire on the Russian ships, Kennedy applied non-destructive military measures. Krusciov understood the situation and ordered his ships to return to base.
Diffusing information with documentary films and even the use of non realistic cartoon strips could be instrumental to peace keeping in the many situations where the contendents are unable to arrive to a signed agreement thus avoiding useless death and destruction.

Military Blockade

The military blockade of the naval ports, airports and the frontiers of the vogue Nations that are threatening world peace
Letter to the editor
In consideration of the catastrophic consequences of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon and keeping in mind that the continuing development of nuclear Programs by the dictatorial regimes of Korea and Iran is a threat to the western world(in particular to Australia, Japan and Israel) one asks what would be the correct way to intervene to establish a fair peace? It would not be right nor opportune to use surgical bombing or to limit intervention to economic sanctions, nor to wait for explicit or masked military aggressions. But it would be possible during the present negotiations to warn of the possibility of waging a bloodless war through the use of a military blockade of the naval ports, airports and frontiers of the rogue nations with the deployment of NATO troops.
The Israeli army used this method of bloodless war when they blocked the frontiers of Lebanon. If they had continued in this type of action and verified the effects they Might have been able to avoid the death and destruction caused by their military invasion and bombing of Lebanon.
The negative effects of a military blockade of the borders, allowing only the passage Of food and medicine, are greatly inferior to those of killing and destruction and a possible blockade brings to bear a far greater political pressure than economic sanctions that can easily bypassed through the use of third parties.
Another method to stimulate the fall of aggressive dictatorial regimes is to help the internal opposition through the use of multimedia encirclement and propaganda. This technique can also be used in regards to those nations that deny or limit free speech and human rights as we have seen in Georgia and Ukraine.
One of the conditions that should be introduced in the negotiations between Iran, Iraq and the USA would be the inclusion in the history and geography school texts of the existence of the ,State of Israel the Road Map and the division of the monies derived from the exploitation of oil fields in the basis of population size of the three main ethnic groups—Shiite, Sunni and Curds.

Wood Biomass as alternative Energy

The most promising source of  alternative energy is the production of wood biomass harvested from the pruning and thinning out by rotation of double and triple rows of rapid growing trees.the production of biomass through the cultivation of corn, colza or sugar beets has considerable higher energy costs than that of wood. Trees  such as eucalyptus, poplar and California cypress with an adequate water supply, For example when planted in a draw or irrigated through a drip system, would reach production size in three years.

It would be necessary to modify the present European community Agricultural Policy and the relevant national and regional laws relating To the payment of subsidies  for uncultivated agricultural land. Instead of giving subsidies for layout land payments should be destined to reforestation with emphasis on the installation of harvestable cellulosed cultivation. Placing two or three rows of trees along paths, roads, boundary lines, ditches and draws would also enrich the environment and would provide shaded paths for alternative forms of tourism such as horse riding bicycling, bird watching and photo safari. The wood biomass Could also be transformed into pellets to be used in substitution of coal And oil presently burned in heating furnaces.

Furthermore the rows of trees would absorb carbon anhydride and release oxygen into the atmosphere. The trees would also be useful as windbreaks for erosion control and for an increased conservation of humidity derived from  dew. By cultivating various crops simultaneously on the land one could produce foods products and at the same time establish rotating areas for the production of wood biomass that, in a relatively short time would guarantee a continuous source of biomass.

It would be essential that every province build atransformation station for the production of  biogas and biodiesel for the wood biomass. One could consider reusing the sugar refinery plants that are destined for closure. Through the use of technical assistance, propaganda and subsidies to the farmers, within five years the production of wood biomass could be increased ten times the present production.

Preventive Measures For River Floodings

Catchment basins and overflow trenches as preventive measures for river flooding

The civil engineers of the consortium for Land Reclamation and of the Authority for River Basins should construct mobile bulkheads and catchment basins up hill of industrial and inhabited areas along the rivers to permit floodwaters to disperse and Thus avoid flooding of the adjacent areas.

Another method to limit the destruction from overflow due to unexpected flooding would be the construction of one or more overflow trenches. From one of the Riverbanks  the floodwater is channeled into the overflow trenches before it arrives to the areas one wants to protect and is reintroduced back into the river down hill.

Alternatively the overflow water could be directed into metal reservoirs or natural Or artificial lakes with the capacity for water containment even after long and intense precipitation. The civil engineers of the Consortium for Land Reclamation constructed a catchment basin between 3 bends of the Tiber River up hill of Rome in the area of Magliano Sabino. When the river water reaches the high –water mark they are deviated into designated basins and thus flooding of the city and adjacent areas is prevented 

In the Po River area between Piedmont and Lombardy one can still see some ancient Works for the prevention of river flooding. These are the golene and consist of a wide strip of land planted with poplar trees and delimited with dirt banks. There may even be a second strip and set of banks. In these areas the houses and roads must be built using woods or cement pile-work so as to allow the river water to Expand over the land without causing damage.Also, before the rainy season begins, the land must be leveled so that it slopes towards the river in such a way that allows The overflow water to drain back into the river once the rain stops.